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Happy Seventh Birthday, No Treble!

7th Birthday

It’s a tradition around here – celebrating No Treble’s birthday with a post. Seven years ago today, we pushed the button and made this site live.

Many of you have connected with us on Facebook, and we just hit 200,000 bass playing friends there last week.

Some of our big additions since our last birthday include the launch of some terrific columns and lessons: Joe Hubbard’s “Advanced Bass“, Ariane Cap’s “Talking Technique“, Ted “Blyss” Gould’s “Talking Style” and a new transcription series (just launched) by Brian Wroten.

No Treble is now visited over 350,000 times per month – and still growing.

We’ve now published 9,385 stories, videos, columns, lessons and features.

As I’ve said in past years, the reason for all of this is No Treble’s readers. Your kind words, emails, shared photos and encouragement are rocket fuel to us. As always, my favorite features are the ones where we get to feature you, via our Reader Spotlight, videos, Old School and more.

The crew here is as thoughtful, knowledgable and dedicated as any I’ve had the pleasure to work with, and there’s no chance No Treble could exist without them. Special thanks to these wonderful people:

Most of all, thank you for your friendship, readership, comments and for spreading the word. It means the world to us.

I’d love to hear from you and find out where you think we should go next. What have you enjoyed here? What would you like to see us do more? Please tell us about it in the comments.