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Around Jaco

A new tribute to the late, great Jaco Pastorius has been released, nearly twenty years after his untimely death. Bassist Frederic Monino and his unusual trio consisting of drums, electric bass and accordion – along with some added guests – offers their rendition of many of Jaco’s compositions and recordings.


All About Jazz’s review.

Track listing:
Continuum; Round Trip/Broadway Blues; Bright Size Life; Punktroduction; Punk Jazz; Three Views of a Secret; Teen Town; Liberty City; Speak Like a Child/Kuru; Used To Be a Chacha.

Frédéric Monino: bass; Lionel Suarez: accordion; Stéphane Huchard: drums; François Jeanneau: soprano sax (2, 9); Franck Tortiller: vibraphone (3, 9); Louis Winsberg: guitar (2, 7, 10); Olivier Ker Ourio: harmonica (1, 2, 5); Thomas Depourquery: alto sax (6, 9).

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