Peavey introduces three new bass amps

Peavey has announced three new amplifiers, two solid-state combo models available now and a tube unit available by mid-year. The redesigned TNT amp boasts 600 watts, and its sibling, the TKO powers at 400 watts. Both have the same 7-band EQ, an XLR direct interface, and most other controls. Special to the TNT are foot switchable optical compressor and crunch. Both tilt back for use as a monitor.

If your excitement at amps depends on them being built with tubes, over the next few months Peavey is bringing out the VB-3 and its matching enclosure, the VB-810. The VB-3 head is a 300-watt unit designed for the finest control over equalization and gain structure. If you want distinctive tonal richness of all-tube amps this will be one to check out. It will also be fun to explore the wide range of EQ it provides. It packs its punch into 37 pounds. The enclosure designed for this head will be released a few months later. That box will have four tone chambers and eight 10-inch speakers, and can be used either mono or stereo to receive up to 800 watts of power signal.

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