Bill Hart: This Is Why

Bill Hart: This Is WhyFrom Atlanta, Georgia, Bill Hart brings us This is Why, an eclectic guitar-centered fusion album of original compositions moving seamlessly between blues funk rock and jazz released on Blue Canoe Records. Bill Hart flashes his chops on the guitar, along with Mike Stern (guitar) on the title track. The album includes: Randy Hoexter (piano/keys), Sam Skelton (sax), Joe Chalden, Jef Van Veen, Tom Knight and Charles Marvray on drums, bassists Joe Reeda, Gary Wilkins and Enrico Galetta, with percussionists Chip Lunsford and Asha Ahla. The combinations on This is Why deliver a powerful musical mix.

If you are a fan of fusion and groove-based jazz you will certainly enjoy this album. Bill Hart and his talented line-up do not fail to deliver over styles ranging from upbeat-funk to laid-back blues. As a whole the album has a solid set of arrangements. Most of the songs are based around a central groove with the solos wandering away and then coming back to restate the thematic melody. This gives each song a very organic feel. The cyclic nature can seem a bit repetitive at times, but it guarantees that the catchy phrases will stick in your head while resetting your ears for the next solo.

The opening track “Anna Banana,” dedicated to his daughter, has a sweet out-going melody that you will undoubtedly catch yourself humming, there is a cool harmonics and fretless bass combo in “Canadese Africano” that segues to “On my way home” featuring a unique fretless guitar solo with distortion driven riffs charging the song near the end. A shout out to Bill Hart’s previous album is included with “Watch the Sky” ending with a two-song groove conversation between “What’s Next” and “You’re Next.”

The album is a great showcase of Bill Hart’s ability as a composer and player. Be sure to check out his profile at for videos and new releases.

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