Funkstar650: Brothers Johnson “Celebration” playalong

George Oerlemans (aka Funkstar650), from Holland, used to have a lot of playalongs on YouTube but took them down after the controversy of MarloweDK’s account being suspended.

In February, George had a visit from the great Louis Johnson, became a teacher of “Louis Johnson’s Black Dragon Bass Institute” and received Louis’ personal blessing to do playalongs.

This is the result:

Check out more about George on his MySpace page or YouTube channel (including his views on the MarloweDK incident and two videos from Louis Johnson’s visit).

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  1. charles

    You have a great hear for the Bass and play fantastic. How long have ou been playing? Are you using any special equipment to bring out the bass lines to the various songs you play, or are you reading bass tabs? I’m struggling to figure out the bass line to ” Don’t Cost You Nothing” by Ashford and Simpson. If you can help me out with this, I’d appreciate it. Keep playing strong! I hope to play with the passion and style that I see in you.