Trey Wright Trio: Thinking out Loud

Trey Wright Trio: Thinking out LoudThe Trey Wright Trio has produced a killer jazz album with their new CD Thinking out Loud. The album released on Blue Canoe Records. The trio includes Trey Wright on guitar, Marc Miller on the upright bass (Mace Hibbard Quintet, Jacksonville State faculty member), and Marlon Patton on drums (Heavy Mojo, Grogus). The album features eight original compositions as well as arrangements of Soundgarden’s “Blow up the outside world” and Thom Yorke’s “Analyze.”

Fans of each instrument have a lot to love with this album, as every musician has an inventive and prominent role in each of the songs. The mood of the compositions range from light to dark and all of them feature solos (bassists especially will enjoy Marc Miller’s upright solo on almost every track). The album kicks off with “Rat Race,” a fast paced opener with a climbing bass line and cyclic melody. This is followed by a lighter groove in “Quad” and then segues into “Hold your Fire” a dark atmospheric song with a driving descending motif. The trio moves into a lighter tone with the bluesy “Some other Monday,” “Thinking out Loud” which is a brief ballad, and then to “Blow up the Outside World.” “Monty’s Joyride” and “We’ll get there Someday” have brighter playful sound, followed by the engaging “Analyze.” The trio closes the album on a slow note with the thoughtful “Reprise.”

I have listened to this album continuously since I got it, Thinking out Loud is a very apt title. The arrangements are all unique, with every track adding it’s own piece to the whole. Each player in the trio is clearly a master of his instrument. The solos are lyrical and contribute to the conversation within the songs. Beautiful, gripping, intense: all of these are accurate. Simply put, they nailed it.

Check out audio examples:

The complete track list:

  1. Rat Race
  2. Quad
  3. Hold your Fire
  4. Some other Monday
  5. Thinking out Loud
  6. Blow up the Outside
  7. Monty’s Joyride
  8. We’ll get there Someday
  9. Analyze
  10. Reprise

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