Jackie Clark: Shifty Soundtrack Remix

Jackie ClarkeOur MySpace friend and bassist Jackie Clark is showing his bass and mixing skills once again, in Indaba Music’s latest remix contest for The “Shifty” Soundtrack.

As Jackie explains: “What you’re hearing is my attempt to play all the parts with Logic 8 (piano, acoustic guitar and percussion) along with my favorite orchestra sample software (Vienna Symphonic Library) and my battle-tested Lakland fretless 5 string bass! I know there are so many ways to remix this song but I was so impressed with the original that I didn’t want to stray too far from the melody and vibe of what I heard. I just tried to add bits and pieces here and there. I really wanted to keep the original guitar part but for some strange reason, it didn’t line up at 153 BPM. The guitar part I did is actually a combination of 4 different tracks. I tried to learn the original part as best I could then picked out certain patterns for each track to build the guitar part you hear. Hope I didn’t clutter it up too bad and I hope you enjoy listening to a bassist trying to do it all himself! :-) ”

Listen to the track

Vote for it (voting ends June 1 at 5pm EDT).

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