CAB and Bunny Brunel re-release Live at the Baked Potato

CAB: Live at the Baked PotatoJazz band CAB, featuring bassist Bunny Brunel, is re-releasing Live at the Baked Potato next month.

This 2-disc set features the band’s live performance at the Baked Potato, originally released in 2006, with Brunel on bass, Tony MacAlpine on guitar, David Hirshfelder on keyboards and Virgil Donati on drums.

Track List:

1. Bass Ackward
2. Tony Mac
3. Cab
4. One for Stern
5. Stratus
6. Tempermental
7. Night Splash
8. Jam & Toast/Tony Mac
9. Hold On

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  1. This is indeed an excellent album with regards to the music. IMO the sound quality is sub standard and it is overpriced. Plus, there is a lot of audience talking that can be heard on the CDs. I can’t believe they released this album at the price they did. I paid $30 for it from their website when it came out a few years back. I see it is now $22 on Amazon. Better bit still overpriced for what you get. Can you say ripoff?