Interview with Offspring bassist Greg Kriesel

Offspring bassist Greg Kriesel a.k.a. Greg K discussed the band’s new album, to be released next year, in a recent interview with the Daily Gazette. The new album is still in the initial stages.

“We want to get this album out a lot earlier,” K. said. “We’ve always kind of said that, that we want to get it out earlier, but as the process starts happening, it ends up taking longer than we think it’s going to.”

The Offspring are near the end of a 9 week tour featuring a lot of songs of their last studio album, Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace.

K shares some the new trends in the tour and how their music is received by the audience: “They pretty much only know the ones on the radio because people don’t buy the whole album anymore, which is a shame,” K. said. “So far, we do five or six of them, and they’re all going off really good… We’ve tried some of the other songs that haven’t been radio songs, and nobody knows them. When they don’t know them, that makes it a problem. We can play deep cuts off ‘Americana’ or ‘Smash’ because a lot of people have those albums, people are familiar with the songs.”

Read the complete interview at the Daily Gazette.

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