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Kyle Eastwood interview: composing, music and Metropolitain

Kyle Eastwood: MetropolitainBassist Kyle Eastwood, in a recent interview with All About Jazz, talks about his life as a musician and his latest album Metropolitain.

Eastwood has a varied career working as both jazz player and in film score production.

“It’s like I have two musical beasts in me,” he admits. “One is the musician, the other the composer. One plays live concerts, the other scores films.” Eastwood also gives a few of his notable influences: “Initially I was listening to James Jamerson, Led Zeppelin, Peter Tosh. As I was studying more and learning more, I started transcribing people like Paul Chambers, Ron Carter, Dave Holland, Ray Brown, Isreal Crosby.”

Metropolitain was released June 2nd, 2009 on the Rendezvous record label. When asked about the the categorization of his work as jazz Eastwood responds with “Everybody has their own ideas of what jazz is. I think predominately this one is jazz, yes. It definitely has influences from other genres. People have very distinct perceptions of what jazz shouldn’t be. I am more open. Jazz borrowed from a lot of different kinds of music. That’s the spirit.”

Read the complete interview at All About Jazz.

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