Kyle Eastwood Releases “Songs From the Chateau”

Kyle Eastwood: Songs From the ChateauKyle Eastwood has released his fifth solo album, Songs from the Chateau. The nine-track collection pays homage to France, where he spends his time while not living in Los Angeles, and was recorded in Chateau Couronneau, a 15th century chateau in Ligueux.

Eastwood, who doubles on electric and upright, has kept a steady band in a genre where artists often float between groups.

“Some of my favorite albums in jazz were made by musicians who stayed together and developed this kind of group feeling and that is something that has always been important to me,” he said. “We went in and recorded the way we would usually play a gig and I think this album really captures the way this band plays and interacts musically in a live setting.”

Preview and download Songs From the Chateau:

Here is Eastwood and his group performing the song “Andalucia” for NPR last year:

Songs From the Chateau Track List:

  1. Marciac
  2. Moon Over Couronneau
  3. Café Calypso
  4. Soul Captain
  5. Andalucia
  6. Over the Line
  7. Tonic
  8. Aperitif
  9. Down At Ronnie’s

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