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Victor Wooten: The Lesson

Here is a video of Victor Wooten performing a solo of “The Lesson” from his album Palmystery, released in April, 2008.

“It doesn’t matter how you go about writing songs,” says Victor. “The music is coming from somewhere. If we think it’s our brain, or some strictly intellectual source, I would say we’re mistaken. Sometimes the songs show up quickly, almost completely. That’s when you realize, `Wow, I didn’t even write this song. It happened on its own.’ But whether it comes together in 30 minutes or several months, it’s coming from the same place. Call it what you want to – spirituality, mysticism, whatever – that energy is there. The musician is the conduit that enables that energy to enter the world.”

The video is from the SMV tour at the Olympia in Paris, France.

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