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  • Goatika and Tony Levin: LEVITATION

    Goatika Lab – comprised of Tony Levin on bass, Artem Yakushenko on electric violin and mandolin, Sergey Klevenski on winds, Boris Nazarov on percussion programming and special effects, Pavel Mikhailuk on didgeridoo and vocals, Jagannat on tabla, Evgenia Tedjetova on vocals and Jovis Bubrowski on didgeridoo – performed live at the Moscow B2 Club in... »

  • Free Download: The New RockStar Philosophy Book

    The New RockStar Philosophy Book, a new music business book, is now available for free download. The book is the creation of two authors working as The New Rockstar Philosophy, started to “help artists learn more about what’s going on in the ever-changing music industry, to inspire them to embrace entrepreneurship, and give them them... »

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  • Gear Watch: EBS MetalDrive

    EBS has released another new pedal, the EBS MetalDrive is a high-gain distortion pedal designed specifically for the bass. The MetalDrive is the eighth pedal in the “Black Label” series released by EBS. The pedal was inspired by bassist John Moyer of Disturbed. EBS had been modifying a MultiDrive pedal for Moyer who required overdrive... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Adam Tanner

    Reader Spotlight: Adam Tanner

    Meet bassist Adam Tanner (aka ZenBeer), our player in the spotlight for August 25, 2009. Bio: I mostly play solo (ZenBeer). I have three solo CD’s out with ItsAboutMusic: The Cosmic Trigger EP, Grand Unified Chaos and, most recently, Bass, The Universe and Everything. It’s all bass, all the time! I played at the Denver... »

  • Stu Hamm solo, live at Vicar Street Dublin

    Here is a bass solo by Stu Hamm, during a concert with Joe Satriani at Vicar Street Dublin. You get to see him really kick it up a notch around 3:20 with his awesome slap bass style! »

  • Josephine Wiggs rejoins The Breeders

    The Breeders have been on tour this summer to support their latest release Fate To Fatal, released in April on their own label. On the tour, bassist Mando Lopez had to fly home to be with his pregnant wife. The Breeders reached out to their former bassist, Josephine Wiggs, to fill in for the last... »

  • RIP: Dean Turner

    Dean Turner, bassist and co-founder of the Australian rock band Magic Dirt, has lost his battle with lung cancer. Turner was 37 and is survived by his partner and two daughters. Along with being the bassist for Magic Dirt, Turner was also an in demand producer, recently completing Magic Dirt singer Adalita’s solo album. The... »

  • Lesson: Melodic Construction

    Another Look at Melodic Construction in Improvisation What do we play? Where does it come from? How do we make our own melody? The melody of the song or tune The rhythmic structure An alternative positive melodic statement derived from the harmonic or rhythmic environment, or a melody from another song that fits the “changes”... »

  • Meshell Ndegeocello: Faithful, live

    There’s not a lot of bass in the first part of Meshell Ndegeocello‘s live recording of “Faithful”, but what bass is there is pretty sweet. Make it beyond the halfway mark, and there’s a nice little bonus jam, where Meshell really gets going. We don’t get many opportunities to run videos of Meshell (not many... »

  • No Treble Rewind: Spotlight on Alun Vaughan, Steve Uccello’s new release, bass chords lesson & more

    In case you missed it, here are some of the most popular features from last week (August 16th through 22nd). Features & Columns Bass Chords lesson It’s time to focus on the guitar aspect of bass guitar and learn to play chords. Player Spotlight: Alun Vaughan Meet bassist Alun Vaughan, our player in the spotlight... »