Gear Watch: Faber Paddlebass

Faber Paddlebass

There’s a new bass design out by Dutch luthier Arnoud Faber: The Faber PaddleBass. Faber designed the PaddleBass to fit his standards in functionality ergonomics and tone quality.

Faber shares, “I wondered why most basses were so big and uneasy to play. So I started to draw a new body.The result was a very light bass with a multiplex body, with two J-type pickups, a scratchplate and the tuners were on the back-end of the body. Of course it wasn’t really a good bass because I didn’t have any idea what it takes to build a good bass BUT…It played much easier AND sounded much better than it’s original donor!”

The PaddleBass comes with the following standard features, but Faber offers a few custom fittings as well (for special bridges, any type of J-pickup and a buffer pre-amp):

  • Mahogany body
  • Maple neck with rosewood fingerboard
  • 2 singlecoil pickups
  • 2 volume controls, 1 per pickup
  • 1 tonecontrol with my special adaption for extra control
  • Series/parallel switch for extra boost and punch
  • Unique design, maximum playability, portability and sound

One of the really cool features is that you don’t need a guitar stand!

The PaddleBass can stand safely on it’s own against a wall or amp. You can currently order you PaddleBass and get additional information from Faber’s web site.

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