Ida Funkhouser: Poppy fx solo

Everyone loves funk, and bassist Ida Funkhouser aka Ida Kristine Nielsen brings it home with her slap bass style and cool vocals.

Check out this killer solo by Funkhouser:

Funkhouser currently plays in Zap Mama and is working on her own music which is “a mix of old school funk, hiphop and ear catching soul. With a lot of Bass in it.”

Funkhouser’s gear includes a TC-Electonic RH450 with 2 2×10 cabinets (with the occasional 2×12 added in), a Yamaha TRB5PIIBV bass and a Yamaha B414 Custom. Her “favorite” effects pedal is the Discumbobulator from Emma pedals.

You can pick up her album Marmalade on Deezer.

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