Gear Watch: Fender Bassman TV

Fender Bassman TV

Fender has brought out a blast from the past with a new spin in the Bassman TV series of combo amps and cabinets. The design is reminiscent of the original 1950’s style Bassman amplifiers but with new technology to help you create the best tone.

The Bassman TV has a tube preamp and as well as two instrument inputs providing both a normal and padded input stage. This is to give you the flexibility to match your basses output type to the amp. The Bassman TV comes with a range of power and speaker sizes, with single 10, 12, 15 and duo-10 cabinet options with matching 150 or 350 Watt heads. You also get controls for gain, bass, mid and treble knobs, “deep” and “bright” switches and a Master Volume. The casters are removable making the Bassman TV easy to move around.

There is modern integration as well. The Bassman TV features an XLR output to send a direct signal to your recording or performance gear. The amplifier itself also takes advantage of the newer technology, it’s a vacuum-tube preamp with an efficient Class-D power amp. It also features Fender special design eminence ferrite bass speakers. More info on the Bassman TV can be found on Fender’s web site. The Bassman TV will be available October 26th, 2009.

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