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Gear Watch: NXT Double Bass

NXT Double BassNS Design has announced that the NXT Double bass will be available on November 1st 2009. The NXT series is created in the Czech Republic by the same makers of the well known CR Series bass.

The NXT will also make use of the NS standard dual-mode polar pickup, designed for lateral sensitivity to get the most out of the bowed string vibration and easy switching for vertical sensitivity to sustain pizzicato notes. The NXT will operate with passive electronics and include a single volume and tone control.

Additionally the NXT model has a solid maple body and neck combined with a graduated ebony fingerboard with asymmetrical relief. This helps keep the tone consistency even across the strings. It also includes an adjustable bridge and truss rod to control the string height and fit your playing style.

The NXT will also be compatible with the full array of support systems available from NS Design, including end pin, tri-pod, and shoulder strap options. Currently it is available in Amber Burst or Black Satin. More information and ordering is available from NS Design.

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