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Ask Damian Erskine, Columns

Ask Damian Erskine: Shortcuts

Q: Are there any real shortcuts to learning how to play? A: NO!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, I’ll go on… I have been frustrated by many a student who is disappointed when, at the end of a lesson, their not magically better but, rather, have a years worth of studying and homework to tackle. Not just kids, but adults, too. People seem to...

Colin Hodgkinson: 32-20 Blues
Bass Videos

Colin Hodgkinson: 32-20 Blues

I bet Robert Johnson never imagined someone playing his “32-20 Blues” on bass. But it sure is cool that Colin Hodgkinson did.

Bass Gear

Gear Watch: Superior Bassworks Strings

Did you know that there are specific types of strings for the upright bass? You get different strings for the different styles of music you can play – even different tunings if you’re playing a classical solo bass piece. Now there is a company dedicated to producing bass strings specifically with rockabilly players in mind: Superior Bassworks. Superior Bassworks creates...

Reader Spotlight: Russ Sargeant
Reader Spotlight

Reader Spotlight: Russ Sargeant

Meet Russ Sargeant, our player in the spotlight for October 27th, 2009. Bio: I’m a bass player living near Birmingham, England – playing a fusion of Jazz and Ambient music. I write and record in my home studio and I have recently taken an outing into the wonderful world of live-looping! Location: Dudley, West Midlands, United Kingdom Day gig: I...


A review of Wayne Krantz – Krantz Carlock Lefebvre 2009

Krantz Carlock Lefebvre is the first studio document of a trio that has been performing together since 1997, although Wayne Krantz regularly releases live recordings from his website. It’s also Krantz’s first studio album under his own name for fifteen years. Krantz is a phenomenal guitarist, and this is a record that guitarists will reference for years to come. Krantz...

Bass Videos

Stanley Clarke acoustic bass solo (1994)

In 1994, Stanley Clarke, Al DiMeola and Jean Luc Ponty performed in Montreux. A DVD of the live performance emerged more than 10 years later. This segment features Clarke’s extended solo break, including quotes from his Spanish Phases for Strings and Bass and self-titled albums.

Bass Gear

Jeff Schmidt and Melodyne Editor

There’s a new product coming out that may re-shape the way we think of music. Melodyne Editor, a Direct Note Access (DNA) program offered by Celemony, is the first of it’s kind. You can analyze a piece of music and change any note in polyphonic material. Watching this software in action borders on spooky. Bassist Jeff Schmidt has posted a...


The Indie Maxium Exposure List

Let’s face it bassists, in all probability our collective bands fall overwhelmingly into the independent-music category. Whether it’s our rock band, solo bass work, free jazz or metalcore, we’re independent artists. When Billboard published their “Billboard’s 2009 Maximum Exposure List” it included many unrealistic goals for independent musicians – for example, playing on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Ariel Hyatt, an...

Bass Lessons

Melodic Construction: Extensions on Dominant Chords, Part 1

We know that there are many flavors of dominant chord. Various upper extensions of the chord—or alterations of the fifth—suggest different harmonic environments, each with its own chordal scale and triad polychords expressing the arrays of extensions. We’ll explore the most commonly used of these chords and extensions in a future column—but first… What do these extensions mean for the...

Bass Videos

Hank Jones, Ray Brown & Buddy Rich: Ad Lib

This video, recorded in 1950, is short but sweet, featuring Hank Jones on piano, Ray Brown on bass, and Buddy Rich on drums.

Weekly Top 10

Rewind: our top features of the week plus new Facebook forum

In case you missed them, here are the most popular features on No Treble last week. Flemming started a new forum on our Facebook page… Introduce yourself! Columns & Features Damian Erskine discusses Odd Time Signatures in his latest column. Our player spotlight is on Dywane Thomas Jr.. Evan Kepner posted part 1 of his new lesson, The Zen of...


Sublime Returns

The remaining members of Sublime, bassist Eric Wilson and drummer Bud Gaugh, have announced that they will be returning as Sublime. The official statement from their MySpace page is that they are “thrilled by the opportunity to reconnect with their fans around the world. While we all mourn the passing of our brother and bandmate Bradley Nowell some thirteen years...