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The Indie Maxium Exposure List

The Indie Maxium Exposure ListLet’s face it bassists, in all probability our collective bands fall overwhelmingly into the independent-music category. Whether it’s our rock band, solo bass work, free jazz or metalcore, we’re independent artists.

When Billboard published their “Billboard’s 2009 Maximum Exposure List” it included many unrealistic goals for independent musicians – for example, playing on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Ariel Hyatt, an independent music marketing guru, saw the list and decided to create her own “Indie Maximum Exposure List.” The IMEL is focused on today’s independent artists and what is actually useful.

The IMEL is broken into seven categories for focus in getting your band exposure and ultimately marketing your music to the masses:

1. Mindset/ Who You are Being
2. Fostering Relationships
3. Recording & Releasing Material
4. Touring / Live Performance
5. Social Media / Internet Strategy
6. Online Resources (Where to Submit)
7. Making Money

The IMEL includes input in these major categories from multiple sources to help you focus both your art and your business in the music scene. Contributors include Derek Sivers (, Jed Carlson & Lou Plaia (both from Reverb Nation), Tom Silverman (New Music Seminar & Tommy Boy ), Emily White (Whitesmith Entertainment) and musician Jonathan Coulton.

The IMEL is available for download (PDF).

If you haven’t seen Ariel’s work before, check out this interview with Derek Sivers, founder of CDBaby:

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