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  • Melodic Construction: Extensions on Dominant Chords, Part 1

    We know that there are many flavors of dominant chord. Various upper extensions of the chord—or alterations of the fifth—suggest different harmonic environments, each with its own chordal scale and triad polychords expressing the arrays of extensions. We’ll explore the most commonly used of these chords and extensions in a future column—but first… What do... »

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  • Hank Jones, Ray Brown & Buddy Rich: Ad Lib

    This video, recorded in 1950, is short but sweet, featuring Hank Jones on piano, Ray Brown on bass, and Buddy Rich on drums. »

  • Rewind: our top features of the week plus new Facebook forum

    In case you missed them, here are the most popular features on No Treble last week. Flemming started a new forum on our Facebook page… Introduce yourself! Columns & Features Damian Erskine discusses Odd Time Signatures in his latest column. Our player spotlight is on Dywane Thomas Jr.. Evan Kepner posted part 1 of his... »

  • Sublime Returns

    The remaining members of Sublime, bassist Eric Wilson and drummer Bud Gaugh, have announced that they will be returning as Sublime. The official statement from their MySpace page is that they are “thrilled by the opportunity to reconnect with their fans around the world. While we all mourn the passing of our brother and bandmate... »

  • Miles Davis Quintet: All Blues live (1964)

    Happy Sunday. Enjoy one from the archives: the Miles Davis Quintet performing “All Blues”, with Ron Carter on bass The group: Miles Davis – trumpet Wayne Shorter – tenor sax Herbie Hancock – piano Ron Carter – bass Tony Williams – drums »

  • Mark Hoppus Op-Ed on Health Care

    Blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus recently wrote an op-ed piece to the Huffington Post about the current healthcare debate in the USA. Hoppus was inspired to write after an incident with caterer Ali Vatter on Blink-182’s tour. Vatter required emergency surgery to have her appendix removed after two months of being on the road, and she... »

  • Gear Watch: Kala Ukulele uBass

    Kala Ukulele has just released their latest invention: the Ka uBass. The uBass is an instrumental fusion with surprisingly cool results. This instrument produces a full low end and even with the 16 frets and diminished size it functions just like a bass guitar. The uBass was formed as a collaboration between Kala and Road... »

  • Arild Andersen and the Snétberger Trio

    Today’s video features bassist Arild Andersen, performing with the Snétberger Trio. Ferenc Snétberger is on guitar and Paolo Vinaccia is on percussion, in this 2005 performance. »

  • RIP: Sirone

    On October 21st 2009 legendary free jazz bassist and composer Norris Jones, better known as Sirone, passed away at the age of 69 in Berlin, Germany. Sirone was part of Revolutionary Ensemble, a jazz group formed in 1971 which featured violinist Leroy Jenkins, drummer Jerome Cooper and Sirone on bass. The group was one of... »

  • Marcus Miller tour update: Tutu Revisited – The Music of Miles Davis

    Bassist extraordinaire Marcus Miller is about to kick off a tour of Japan and Europe. The tour is “Tutu Revisited – The Music of Miles Davis” which is dedicated to the legendary trumpeter. The concert programs are based around the Miles Davis album Tutu, co-produced by Miller. The band lineup includes Miller on bass and... »