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New Albums

Metamesmeric: a new release from Gustaf Fjelstrom (and it’s free!)

Bassist Gustaf Fjelstrom released his new album Metamesmeric which is now available for free download. Metamesmeric lives up to its name, bringing very atmospheric looping bass music to the stage. Fjelstrom uses an NS Design Bass Cello, some simple processing, and a Looperlative LP-1. Fjelstrom was previously playing with the band Maximum Indifference, who released two albums: The Transmutations of...

Bass Gear

Epiphone 75th anniversary amplifier series

This year is the 75th anniversary of Epiphone, making them the oldest amplifier company in the world currently in production. To celebrate, Epiphone has been running “75 years of Great Tone” series every three weeks. The series is now up to four installments: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Epiphone currently produces multiple bass guitar series including: Allen...

Ask Damian Erskine, Columns

Ask Damian Erskine: Odd Time Signatures

Q: How can I work on getting more comfortable playing in odd time signatures? A: Great question! The first thing I’d say is, there really are NO odd time signatures. Who made 4/4 the king of all time signatures? A time signature is only “odd” because you aren’t used to hearing it. More accurately, you aren’t used to FEELING it....

Bass Videos

Bruno Migliari Trio: Three Views of a Secret

Today, we start something a little new… spotlighting videos posted by our friends on No Treble’s Facebook page. The first one is from bassist Bruno Migliari and his Trio, performing the Jaco Pastorius composition, Three Views of a Secret. The performance took place live at Rio Carioca jazz club in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Nice stuff, Bruno. If you’re interested...

Bass Gear

Gear Watch: TimeStretch

eMedia Music Corp, the group who brought us Band-In-A-Box, are delivering a cool new software package to improve your practicing: TimeStretch. TimeStretch lets you play back any piece of music at any speed without changing the pitch (sorry Mac users, this is Windows only). Additionally, the software can transpose a piece of music, so you can practice in all the...

Reader Spotlight: Dywane Thomas Jr.
Reader Spotlight

Reader Spotlight: Dywane Thomas Jr.

Meet bassist Dywane Thomas Jr., our player in the spotlight for October 20th, 2009. Bio: I started playing bass at 4 years old, playing a right-handed bass upside down (lefty). I grew up listening to down home blues and funk, playing along with songs on the radio and different albums was how I practiced. I taught myself how to play...


A Review of the Linda Oh Trio’s “Entry”

Wow! This CD certainly defied my expectations. A young musician not long out of music college releases a debut record and you might expect something designed to impress with a few standards, a touch of flash, derivative playing, maybe a guest star appearance and a disparate set of styles and moods. This record is nothing like that at all! Linda...

Bass Videos

Dan Berglund: live bass solo

Today’s video features bassist Dan Berglund taking a solo during a performance with the Esbjörn Svensson Trio (E.S.T.) E.S.T. was a Swedish jazz trio consisting of Esbjörn Svensson on piano, Berglund on bass, and Magnus Öström on drums. This is the bass solo and intro to tune “Behind The Yashmak”, performed live at Jazz à Juan Les Pins festival in...


Ernie Ball at Bass Player Live

Ernie Ball is going to be at Bass Player Live on October 24th and 25th, with different clinics running from players that swear by their instruments. They’re providing an all-star line up, so if you’ll be at the event in Hollywood, these clinics will definitely be worth checking out. The performance schedule includes: Saturday October 24th 10:15-10:45 Mark Bass Alain...

Concerts & Tours, Player News

Victor Wooten recommends Quintin Berry

If any great player could endorse you who would you choose? There is not a much higher recommendation than one coming from Victor Wooten himself, who posted on his web site: “You MUST check out Quintin Berry and the Uglistick!”. Actually, we already have, but in case you haven’t here’s a little more information on Berry. Berry, aka Q, has...

Bass Videos

Stuart Clayton: solo bass jazz medley

Another great video from Flemming’s list… this time, bassist Stuart Clayton performs a medley of jazz tunes.

Weekly Top 10

Rewind: our top features of the week

In case you missed them, here are the top headlines from No Treble, for the week of October 12th. Lessons Jon Burr’s Pivots in Chord Inversions Evan Kepner’s Fingering Strategies for the Upright Bass Columns & Features Ask Damian Erskine: Reading Scenarios Ray’s Raving About… Kenny Werner’s “Effortless Mastery” Our Player Spotlight is on Mantis Evar We’re thrilled to welcome...