Gear Watch: Ansir Basses

Ansir Bass

Everyone has their own personal method to holding the bass guitar. Some people prefer a more extreme angle, others only use a slight tilt and still others flip it completely around. Ansir Music, a small start up company, is now creating fully customized basses to fit that perfect playing angle. They have a patented measuring system to produce your personal neck angle preference in a bass. Additionally, each bass has a hand carved body with layers of high-tone woods and passive electronic pickups.

The Ansir basses feature:

  • A customized neck angle determined from personal measurements and preferences
  • Custom wood choices based around your tone preferences – created with a square cross-lay method to provide a stable resonating surface
  • Hand built bridges, tail stocks and customized pick-ups
  • Passive electronics
  • Custom body design

More on Ansir basses can be found on their web site.

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