Stewart Copeland: Strange Things Happen: A Life with The Police, Polo, and Pygmies

The Police

Ever watch a concert and wonder what the band was doing earlier that day? Ever wonder what the band talks about when they get back on the road? Well now you can read stories from Police drummer, Stewart Copeland in his new book Strange Things Happen: A Life With the Police, Polo and Pygmies.

The book describes different times and situations the band was in, and what it was like working with Sting. Copeland writes stories of the jokes between Sting and himself, talking about how at some times they got along more, or less than other times.

One particular story Copeland writes about is the chain of events that occur on Stings birthday. “The one that gets the most laughs around the dinner table is from Turin, Italy, the night I bought Sting a tuba for his birthday present,” he recalls. “It’s the perfect instrument, the bass member of the brass family for the bass member of my band family. It started out like a beautiful evening and we were in Italy. It ends up with Sting and I screaming at each other, trying to kill each other.”

Copeland continues on Sting’s birthday, “To get from the dressing rooms to the stage you get in a little bus and the little bus has a police escort, sirens, lights flashing. We get into our little love bus, the three of us, and it’s Sting’s birthday. He’s happy with his tuba and he’s already figured out how to play ‘Tequila’ on it.”

Although the book is mostly reflections of Stewart’s life and work with the group, there are some wonderful events that showcase the band’s collaboration, and lack thereof. As with any group there are good times, and slightly less than good times, and Copeland is not scared to show both in his writing.

“Eventually we make it to the stage, 20 minutes late, still feeling pretty cheerful. We get out there, it’s a magic evening, we start up, Andy’s blazing on the guitar, my heart is full of joy and love for music. Over at the front of the stage right, not so happy, not so joyful,” says Copeland.

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