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Tom Hamilton speaks on Aerosmith

Tom HamiltonTom Hamilton checked in with fans via a blog on, the official Aerosmith fan club page to discuss the band, past and present. He starts with what everyone has been talking about for the last two months: “I know, I know! ‘What’s goin’ on with the band?’ ‘What the hell are you guys up to?’ Well it all boils down to Steven wanting to go solo for a while and the other four of us wanting to continue.”

The Aerosmith bassist of course is referring to the band’s recent split with lead vocalist Steven Tyler; a hiatus that has been confusing not only for the public, but also for the band-members. Tyler entered a drug rehab clinic in late December, and has since claimed that he is excited to be writing and touring with the band again.

Hamilton recounts the tales of the bands last few gigs, and also briefly mentions a throat ailment, which he does not name, which required some surgery earlier in the year. You can read Tom’s whole article at’s post.