Gear Watch: Korg Wi-Tune Wireless Tuner

Korg Wi-Tune Wireless TunerKorg has released a new addition to their expansive selection of tuners called the Wi-Tune Chromatic Tuner. Utilizing the Korg’s new “Wireless Tuning System,” it allows players freedom from swapping cables and needing to patch in and out of a tuner during performance.

The tuner is made up of two pieces: a transmitter module that attaches to the instrument, and the actual tuner. The tuner picks up the signal and displays it on a large backlit screen. In addition to wireless use, the Wi-Tune can be used like a more traditional tuner using its built in microphone, and it also generates reference pitches. The Wi-Tune detects tones from A0 (27.50Hz) to C8 (4186.01Hz).

The Wi-Tune is available now at an MSRP of $150.00. Check out Korg’s web site for more details.

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