Gear Watch: Tech 21 Red Ripper

Tech 21 Red Ripper Fuzz for bassThe new Red Ripper Fuzz for bass from Tech 21 is more than your ordinary distortion box. It actually responds to the dynamics of your touch, so if you play harder you get more fuzz and higher harmonics, and if you play softer you get less fuzz and enhanced lower harmonics. Very nice for dynamic contrast.

The Red Ripper’s “R.I.P.” gives you sounds from vintage fuzz, to tectonic distortion, and into the Brassmaster-style octaver fuzz and Moogie-style synth tones. Though it acts similar to an envelope filter, the Red Ripper doesn’t actually filter the signal, so your tone won’t get thin and wimpy.

The Red Ripper also features an active three-band EQ as well as Level and Drive controls to allow you get the sound you want. A low pass filter switch is included to compensate for full-range bass systems equipped with tweeters. It has a buffered bypass, and a silent-switching, custom footswitch actuator to finish off the deal.

Tech 21 anticipates that the Red Ripper will be available in late April/ early May for an MSRP of $225.00. Visit Tech 21’s site for more for more.

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