Gear Watch: Tech 21 SansAmp VT Bass Deluxe

Due to tons of requests, Tech 21 has introduced the VT Bass Deluxe, a 6-channel programmable version of their SansAmp Character Series VT Bass pedal. The pedal brings together the warmth of an all-analog signal path and the convenience of digital recall to allow players to easily dial up their favorite tones.

Tech 21 SansAmp VT Bass Deluxe

The controls on the VT Bass Deluxe include Drive, 3-band active EQ, Level, and a unique Character control which allows you to sweep through a broad range of bass tube amp tones from the early ‘60s to classic super valve.

There are 6 program locations along with dual inputs, so you can have two instruments on-line with 3 programs for each, or you can have all 6 program locations ready for a single instrument. Also, you can program the VT Bass Deluxe’s FX loop to engage your favorite effects each time that you select a so-designated preset. One of the nicer things about the programming system is its simplicity. You can make changes on the fly by just turning the knobs and double-clicking a footswitch to save your new preset.

The SansAmp VT Bass Deluxe functions as a pre-amp or stomp box with any amp/combo, power amp, speaker cabinet, and as a DI with any mixing console. It features a 1/4” instrument level input, as well as 1/4” and XLR outputs with selectable levels, and four pop free custom footswitch actuators. The box runs on either phantom power, an optional 9V DC power supply, or a 9V battery.

According to information posted on the company’s web site, the VT Bass Deluxe will be available in late April/early May and will have an MSRP of $350.00.

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