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Gear Watch: Kustom KB Series Amplifiers

Kustom Amplification has introduced a brand new line of bass amps, called the KB series. The line consists of five combo amps, ranging from 10 to 200 watts, and a 200-watt head, which is available as rack-mountable or in a standalone wooden cabinet.

Kustom KB Bass Amps

Kustom describes the KB series as based on producing great tone, without “useless bells and whistles.” Each product features intuitive EQ controls, a 1/8-inch auxiliary input for playing along with MP3s or CD’s, and a headphone out jack. The 100- and 200-watt models also provide a balanced XLR line output with level control, effects in and outs, and a ground lift.

All KB Series amps have a five-year, transferable electronics warranty. For more info, visit Kustom’s web site.

Line up and pricing:

  • KB1 10-watt amp with 6-inch driver. MAP: $69.99
  • KB10 10-watt amp with 10-inch driver. MAP: $99.99
  • KB20 20-watt amp with 12-inch driver. MAP: $149.99
  • KB100 100-watt amp with 15-inch driver. MAP: $249.99
  • KB200 200-watt amp with 15-inch driver. MAP: $349.99
  • KB200H 200-watt amp head in wood cabinet. MAP: $249.99
  • KB200HR 200-watt rack-mount amp head. MAP: $249.99

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