Gear Watch: Warwick Corvette NT Limited Edition 2010 Bass

Warwick has unveiled the Corvette NT “Neck-Through” Limited edition 2010 bass, which was designed to combine a modern ergonomic design and the tone of a vintage J-bass. The production of the bass is limited to 300 units.

This Corvette’s body is made of light swamp ash with a dark ziricote top accompanied by a matching headstock. The back of the headstock is personally signed by Warwick founder/president Hans-Peter Wilfer. The Corvette LTD 2010 also features two active Twin Jazz pickups and active 3-band MEC electronics. The four single coil pickups can each be independently select for a wide range of tones.

The Warwick Corvette NT Limited Edition 2010 bass will be available in left handed and fretless versions for no extra cost.

Warwick Corvette NT Limited Edition

  • Neck-through design
  • Available as 4or 5-string models
  • Available as right and left handed versions as well as fretted or fretless (fretless only right handed) at no additional cost
  • Ziricote matched headstock
  • Maple neck with ekanga stripes (4-string: 3-stripe neck, 5-string: 4-stripe neck)
  • Maple fingerboard (fretless: tiger stripe ebony)
  • Black block inlays (fretted version only)
  • 24 frets
  • 34” long scale
  • Two-piece swamp ash body with two-piece ziricote top
  • Natural oil finish
  • 2 active MEC Twin Jazz pickups
  • 3-way active MEC electronics
  • Controls: volume (push/pull electronic bypass), balance, mid, treble/bass (stacked)
  • Two 3-way switches for coil selection (single coil or both coils)
  • Black hardware
  • Just-A-Nut III
  • Warwick 2-piece bridge
  • Warwick tuners
  • Warwick Security Locks
  • Limited worldwide 300 unit production (includes all versions)
  • “Limited Edition” laser logo on headstock’s back
  • Signed by Warwick founder Hans-Peter Wilfer on headstock’s back
  • Includes “User Kit”
  • Includes RockCase Flight Case (exclusively for Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, UK, Austria and Switzerland), or “Premium Line Plus” RockBag for electric bass

For more info, visit Warwick’s web site.

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  1. I absolutely love my LTD 2010 NT $$ – 300 Worldwide. Awesome tone capabilities, great look and feel (when set up just the way I like it) – slick as. To be honest I don’t touch my USA J-Bass anymore because the clunky feel is like going from driving a Mercedes Benz SLK to an old F100 Ford Pickup. (not that there isn’t a time and place for that sort of playing). This is the best 4-string, 24 Fret bass I have ever owned….

    • Where did you get it? I have the LTD 2004 FNA Jazzman and I would LOVE to own this bass as well. 4 or 5 string, doesnt, matter.

    • Dealer in Perth, Western Australia. I would think that all of the 300 were snapped up by Music Retailers worldwide (and sold) or pre-purchased directly from Warwick/Framus but check forums or Ebay regularly and there may be one for sale somewhere. Or you can order your own custom bass with similar specs from Warwick directly. Good luck.