Tony Senatore on 12-string & Percy Jones on Fretless: Holyland

Here’s an excerpt from Tony Senatore’s DVD called A 12 String Bass X-Ploration. This track is called “Holyland” and features Tony Senatore on the 12 string bass and the great Percy Jones on fretless bass.

For details on the DVD and how to get it, visit

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  1. Percy’s always been an inspiration.

  2. wraub

    Percy simply owns. Sweet grindy tone.
    Nice tune too.

  3. It was a BLAST to record and mix the “Holyland” CD. Tony Senatore is quite a talent, and he had a fine lineup on the album. Doing the DVD was also a thrill, since we were recording a fresh version of the selections with Tony, Percy Jones, Manolo Badrena, and Van Romaine. No faux sync-playing here!