Trey Gunn and Marco Minnemann: Modulator

Trey Gunn and Marco Minnemann: ModulatorTrey Gunn has teamed up with drummer Marco Minnemann for a new album, Modulator.

The recording of Modulator has a twist: the entire album was composed and produced over top of a live, 51 minute drum solo by Minnemann.

“This was the hardest recording I have ever taken on,” says Gunn. “The challenges of this process prove the old adage that ‘with great restrictions come great creative leaps.'”

Minnemann has enlisted several different musicians to create a full CD from the same drum solo.

“Considering I don’t even care for drum soloing, that these pieces have turned out so amazing, is utterly astounding to me,” Gunn recounts. “Touch guitars, basses, ouds, fiddle, wurlitzers, strings and uillean pipes all make an appearance here.”

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