Jeff Beck Tour: Rhonda Smith Live Bass Solo/People Get Ready

Here’s a great look at the new Jeff Beck band line-up with Rhonda Smith. This performance was filmed at the Tokyo International Hall in Tokyo on April 13, 2010. Narada Michael Walden is on drums and Jason Rebello is on keys.

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  1. Kyle

    yeeeee larry grahammm POW

  2. Dennis

    I thought his last band was incredible, but this one is no less awesome

  3. Jeff

    What happened to the last female bass player her had?

  4. mike coleman

    @ jeff …..tal wilkenfeld his last bassist is playing on the herbie hancock tour.

  5. Gary

    Tal Wilkenfeld recorded a solo album which featured Vinnie C. from the old lineup. Somewhere in the midst of that they both started touring with Herbie Hancock. I suspect they will be back in the lineup at some point.

    • Dave

      Actually her solo record(Transformation) featured Keith Carlock on drums not Vinnie.. Unless she’s put out a second album since then.. I haven’t heard anything about that.. Hopefully she does..

  6. sakis

    Damn! Japan always gets the best concerts in the world since the ’60s! Wish I was Japanese just for those concerts!

  7. Bryan Duke

    Hmm…funk riff 101 from any old 80s how to slap tutorial through some buzzy, a bassless rig…horrible.

  8. Rhonda is much more accomplished player then wilkenfeld.

  9. wow just amazing. great

  10. Is it me or does she play more muted notes than non-muted?

  11. Then Jeff shows more musicality in one bar.

  12. Love Rhonda! the band ain’t to shabby either….