Jaco Pastorius Solo (Reading, 1978)

Here’s some newly posted footage of Jaco Pastorius taking a solo during a Weather Report concert in Reading, PA in October 1978. Two parts:

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  1. Jeff

    Sometimes a young bassist asks me “how to play like Jaco.” They go out and buy the “Jaco” model fender, and get an Acoustic amp and some old MXR Dig Delays….but they still don’t sound like him. I tell ’em….if you’re not THINKING like Jaco, you won’t sound like him. This video shows that to be true!


    Solo JACO supo hacer hablar con el bajo un idioma que ha influenciado a muchos de los bajistas del mundo, sonido, lineas, en fin muchas cosas que lo hacen único e irreemplazable,Gracias John Francis Pastorius III por ese legado que nos dejaste!

  3. wren

    First Jack Bruce now Jaco in one day.Whew!My head gonna explode!thanks!You guys are good.