Viaceslav Svedov: “Murka” for Slap Bass

Here’s Viaceslav Svedov presenting his slap bass adaptation of the classic Russian criminal song, “Murka”.

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  1. ben

    that was incredible!!!! great job!! im in awe!

  2. steve

    Man, I just can’t stop watching this video. That is playing with conviction and attitude !!! I feel like I was getting punched !!!! Love it !!!!

  3. CarolineLouise

    So cool! I’ve always liked that song and the funky slaps & fills you’ve so convincingly flourished the original with just melt my innards ;o)

  4. YEAAAAAAAAH! SLAVA IS ON NO TREBLE! I’ve been a fan for years. He’s a very nice and humble guy and communicates well with his fans.

    If you haven’t seen any of his other videos, you should do yourself a favor and take a few minutes to watch him do his magic