Bohemian Rhapsody, Arranged for Bass

Check out Youtuber Allyourbassarebelong doing his bass arrangement of Queen’s classic “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

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  1. gigi

    wow!!!the whole song…bravo!!!

  2. “ANATA-WA-SUBARASHII!! ” it’s Japanese means “you are brilliant!!

  3. Johnny

    I wouldn’t say it’s “perfect” but it sure is beautiful. Nice job.

  4. Michael

    tabs or music?


    perfect no.. but the two things as a bass player that i love about this….1. you kept time. never once did your tempo falter as i would have expected. 2. your two handed runs were very clean and in time…kudos to you sir, and may you continue to explore the depth of your 5string more and more

  6. Del

    Loved it. Get yourself into a studio and get it recorded. Even if it’s just for yourself you’d want something to show for the hours you must have put into working it all out. Well done, great job. 5 star.

  7. Roger

    This is just sick! Amazing composition and timing! Kudos to you for working this out…now I must go and burn my bass. ;0)

  8. Stupererik

    Note for note? No
    But what made this really cool to listen to (in my opinion) was that it WASN’T note for note and that you devised your own unique arrangement of a classic
    Also, as mentioned by others, excellent work with the timing
    That was truly amazing

  9. James

    Masterful. Very beautiful while still hinting to the saucy and raunchy undertones of what makes Queen.