Gear Watch: Effectrode PC-2A Photo-optical Compressor Pedal

Effectrode PC-2A Photo-optical Compressor PedalEffectrode is now shipping their new PC-2A Photo-optical Compressor pedal, which boasts a pure analog signal path. The pedal is built around a hand-selected photo-cell, polyester coupling capacitors, precision metal film resistors, and an NOS tube. NOS stands for “new old stock,” or tubes that were manufactured years ago, but were never used.

The PC-2A has two knobs, Peak Reduction and Gain, as well as a Limit switch. The Limit switch changes the mode that the pedal works in, either as a compressor or a limiter. The compressor mode will provide richness to bring out tone, whereas the limiter creates heavy compression for that “squashed” effect.

The Effectrode PC-2A is available for $359 from the Effectrode website.

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