Donna Lee on an 8 String Fretless Bass

Here’s Youtuber fxhdc050 taking on many challenges at once:

Playing “Donna Lee”

On an 8-string bass

Which happens to be fretless

(and taking a solo too)

The bass is a Galveston (tuned: B E A D G C ?F Bb).

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  1. Johnny

    I’m sorry but I found it tedious and self serving. A lot of bad intonation.

  2. there is no need to put a version so

  3. Alfred

    I agree with Johnny. There’s extended range, and then there’s ridiculous.

  4. Skip

    Not sure if it is the bass or the recording , but I think the tone is very bad. Am I wrong in thinking of Galveston as a very low end bass company?

  5. JK

    Agree with Skip, not sure if it’s the recording quality or what but it just sounds bad. The high end sounds like a banjo.

  6. juju


  7. mike coleman

    this could be used for a cartoon sound track . nice dexterity . , but he should tune all the strings.

  8. Dwayne

    Donna Lee has always been pleasing to my ears, this however, is not!

  9. chef ernesto

    so what if his intonation is off in areas. the guy is a fantastic player. all over the neck covering so many octives it’s crazy. i personally think a bass should have only 4 strings, but that’s for me when i play. if you could play with more, then god bless you. thinkin we artists could have more appreciation for eachother instead of ripping eachother apart.

  10. mark cross

    There are a lot of tricky fast fingers people on this planet but a very few can be told to be real bass players….

  11. Skip

    It is incubent upon us as serious musicians to protect the art and to be honest with eachother.

    There are a lot of talented ,heard working bass players – who work hard to preserve the integrity of the instrument and the music – in obscurity.

    If you want positive reienforcment – play for yourself in your mirror – don’t mutilate a classic by one of our bass masters – on Youtube.

  12. Jonathan

    It is not good.

  13. matt88


  14. Tom

    Comical, painful, full of good intentions (I hope), but a failure nonetheless