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Gear Watch: A Closer Look at the Ibanez Ashula Fretted/Fretless Hybrid

The concept of a hybrid fretted/fretless bass has been attempted before, and Ibanez might just have the best version yet with their Ashula model.

Ibanez Ashula Fretted/Fretless Hybrid

The six-string fretted/fretless hybrid bass offers this unique configuration: four fretted bass strings and two fretless. This offers a more fluid approach to playing than other hybrids, where the fretless option is placed in the upper register of all strings, forcing the player to jump around and without an easy option to simultaneously play fretted and fretless strings at once.

The four fretted strings on the Ashula are tuned E A D G, and the fretless strings are tuned D G.

Ashula Bass Limited Edition Series Specs:

  • Fretted/Fretless hybrid bass guitar
  • Light Ash body
  • 5-pc Jatoba/Bubinga “Ashula 6” neck
  • Sonic Arch humbucker pickups for fretted strings
  • Sonic Arch mini humbucker pickup for fretless strings
  • Ashula EQ with bass and treble Boost/Cut controls
  • Separate Active Tone and Volume controls for fretless strings
  • Rosewood Fingerboard

List Price: $1,333.32

Ashula Demo