Gear Watch: TASCAM TC-1S Solar Powered Tuner

TASCAM TC-1S Solar Powered TunerTASCAM has unveiled the world’s first solar-powered tuner, the TC-1S. The tuner, which comes in six colors, runs on a battery charged by a bank of solar cells, but a USB input is included to quickly charge up in case you’re in the dark. A strap and clip are built on to the shockproof silicon cover so you can keep it on the outside of a gig bag to charge.

The TC-1S has a built in microphone in addition to a 1/4” input for tuning flexibility, with four display modes for easy reading and calibration. The TASCAM TC-1S will be available from retailers some time this month, priced under $40. For more, check out TASCAM’s website.

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