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Pablo Aslan Releases “Tango Jazz” With Paquito D’Rivera

Paquito D’Rivera with Pablo Aslan: Tango JazzTango bass master Pablo Aslan has just released a new collaborative album with Paquito D’Rivera. Tango Jazz: Live at Jazz at Lincoln Center features Aslan as both bassist and musical director during the March 2010 concerts in New York City from which the album is compiled.

D’Rivera, who is one of the most esteemed Latin Jazz alto sax/clarinetists in the genre, says “Ironically, Cubans of my generation had grown up with music and films from the native land of Che Guevara, the tenebrous Argentine ‘Guerrillero’. Already established in NYC since 1980, my both personal and working relationships with Pablo Zinger, Carlos Franzetti, Jorge Dalto, Diego Urcola, Pablo Ziegler, Raul Jaurena, Lalo Schifrin and so many other Argentine and Uruguayan musicians make the present recording sort of the natural result of this long and happy relation. There’s no better than Pablo Aslan to put together this old dream of mine of a genuine Tango Jazz recording.”

Preview and download Tango Jazz:

Tango Jazz Track List:

  1. Viejo Smocking
  2. Beto
  3. BandoneÛn
  4. Milonguinha
  5. Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind
  6. Verano PorteÒo
  7. Tanguajira
  8. Goodbye

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