Gear Watch: Sheptone P-Bass Pickups

Sheptone P-Bass PickupsSheptone is stepping into the world of electric bass pickups, beginning with a new line of P-Bass pickups. The new models are made for Fender Precision basses and similar models, and are made to vintage specifications, utilizing alnico 5 magnets and #42 plain enamel wire while measuring out to 10.3k. All the pickups are made in the U.S. at Sheptone’s Port Orchard facility.

“My philosophy is simple… pickups should be transparent and allow the primary tones of the wood to come through,” says Sheptone president Jeff Shepherd. “It is a wooden instrument after all. If you really listen to those classic riffs and tones that we all know, you can hear the wood and that is the key. While some secondary tone is inherent to each pickup’s design, the job of the pickup is to respond to the players’ touch (dynamics), enhance the natural harmonics and overtones that accompany each note, and transfer this “voice” to the rest of the signal chain.”

The new Sheptone P-Bass pickups are available now with a MSRP of $120 per set. For more, visit Sheptone on the web.

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