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Gear Watch: Nordstrand Releases NM4 Mustang Bass Replacement Pickup

Nordstrand NM4 Mustang Bass Replacement PickupNordstrand Pickups has released the NM4, a replacement pickup for the Fender Mustang Bass. The pickup is a direct replacement size for the original and utilizes Nordstrand’s angled pole piece technology. The company claims that this “tiny pickup” is designed to produce a fat full tone from a Mustang, which is a short scale bass. The package does not include the covers; so make sure to keep the ones you already have.

The Nordstrand NM4 Mustang Bass replacement pickup is available now from select dealers with a MSRP of $99 each. For more details, visit Nordstrand on the web.

NM4 Mustang Bass Replacement Pickup Specs:

  • Split coil hum-canceling configuration
  • Simulated hand wound pattern offers sweeter highs
  • Traditional Alnico V magnets
  • Angled pole piece arrangement maximizes coil size and tone

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That’s funny, “simulated hand wound.” Picture a dude sitting there for days just thinking about sitting there for DAYS winding THOUSANDS of turns of wire around each of these with his bare hands. Now actually do it. “hand wound pickups” are farther fetched than the true bypass myth. Machines wind pickups. Case closed.