Warwick to Release “Fuss on the Buss” DVD

Warwick Live: Fuss on the BussWarwick announced they will be releasing Warwick Live: Fuss on the Buss, a DVD release which documents the coming together of 11 bassists on a bus under the Manhattan Bridge.

The group includes T.M. Stevens, Larry Graham, Bootsy Collins, Norwood Fisher, Divinity Roxx, Jonas Hellborg, Ryan Martinie, John B Williams, Brandino, Hansford Rowe and Steve Bailey.

Warwick says the event was a chance for their endorsers to “click a few pics and pluck a few licks.”

Check out videos of the project:

Part 1:

Part 2:

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  1. Ryan is my favorite. 5:18 on the second video is evidence. He DESERVES more on NoTreble.
    Come on, now! Search him in your own search bar. This guy is on at least 6 AMAZING albums, I’m talking 80songs that come from space-bass-heaven/hell. Please look into him and see what he’s up to, I’m a lowly citizen, so there’s no getting ahold of him personally, just a huge fan. Help a Bass brother and fans everywhere! PLeEaASE!