Bootsy Collins with James Brown Live (1971)

Bootsy Collins sent us this video, saying “see 18 yr old Bootsy with James Brown”. The video was shot in April 1971, live in Bologna, Italy.

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  1. this is a great lesson for all musicians. notice how bootsy never takes his eyes off of JB. when backing a vocalist, that is of utmost importance!

  2. Neil

    Thx Bootsy, this is a double whammy for me. Not only is that a solid bass groove. But being a Bone player too, I just loved Fred’s short but sweet solo.

  3. Outstanding ! This is a great example of grooving and supporting the Artist/Leader. Look at the energy bounced back between James and Bootsy, then James and the band, then Bootsy and the band. It would have been hard to reach these heights without the constant flow of energy in the right places. As k-dub stated above, to hold it down on bass especially, everyone has to keep their eyes on the Leader ( James ) the whole time. Check out the dynamics, especially while James sings the verses. Bootsy is supportive, while still being able to shine as Bootsy. Big ups to Bootsy and Thanks !!

  4. sub zero

    rhine stone rock star monster doll baby bubba looks like just like paul pierce of the celtics in this video!!!

  5. WOW! The versatility of BOOTSY is amazing: a little jazz, R & B and funk all rolled up into one amazing sound. Speaking of the ONE: “I’ve been loving you for days…”

  6. This is awesome footage- nobody does it like these guys, talk about achieving musical perfection…

  7. Andre Follot

    I love this video on so many different levels! That galloping, solid groove Bootsy puts down, the stone-face Italian dignitaries sitting behind the band (LOL!) and that whopping, monster PA they had for the arena…..what a cool blast from the past!! :)

  8. Just discovered this one yesterday and I’m absolutely hooked. Always loved Bootsys thunderous, aggressive grooves with JB and so thrilled to have found a vid of a whole gig.

    Looks like a 68/69 Jazz Bass with flats. I’d kill to sound like this. Anyone know what he recorded “Mothership Connection” on?