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Alex Webster: Cannibal Corpse to Record New Album This Year, Release DVD

Alex WebsterIn a recent interview with Rocksins, Cannibal Corpse founder Alex Webster revealed that the group is working on new material and will going into the studio this September. Don’t expect to see them live this year, though. When asked what the death metal band has lined up for the year, Webster replied, “We have no plans to tour in 2011. We are currently home in the Tampa Bay area writing our next album, we’ll record it in September so that will leave us with an early 2012 release. So, we’ll probably wait to tour until the album is released.”

However, the group will be releasing a live DVD, taken from performances around the globe during their Evisceration Plague Tour. Global Evisceration is set for a March 15 release date.

After 20 years together, Webster says that Cannibal Corpse doesn’t plan on changing their style.

“We just want to continue on the same path artistically. There is still a lot of room for creativity within the boundaries of the death metal genre so we do not feel limited at all. We’re happy to play shows and do tours with bands from other genres, this helps to spread the word about death metal….but just because we play shows with these bands doesn’t mean we’re interested in changing our sound. Cannibal Corpse is and will always be death metal.”

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