Hartke Announces Kilo Bass Amplifier

Hartke Kilo Bass AmplifierHartke has released the Kilo Bass Amplifier, a new head unit that delivers 1,000 watts via bridged mono or 500 watts per side in stereo or dual mono. Housed in a 3U rackspace chassis, the amp features a tube preamp and variable Hartke Bass Attack Overdrive and Shape Control in addition to an onboard compressor. It also has a slew of EQing options, including a 10-band graphic EQ, Bass and Treble shelving, mid-peak EQ controls, and Deep and Brite switches.

The Kilo has an XLR balanced direct output with level control and routing options on the front of the amp, while a ground lift for the DI is on the back. The select button allows you to send direct from input, compressor, EQ, or effects. Two footswitch jacks are included: one for the mute and the other to control the Shape and Overdrive.

The new Hartke Kilo will be available soon, for around $1,000.

Hartke Kilo Bass Amplifier Specs:

  • True 2 x 500 watts of power, 1,000 watts bridged mono
  • 10-band graphic EQ
  • Bass and Treble shelving, plus mid-peak EQ controls
  • Hartke Shape Control
  • Hartke Bass Attack Overdrive
  • Variable compressor
  • Limiter switch
  • Deep and brite switches
  • XLR balanced direct output with ground lift switch
  • Direct output with level control and select switch to choose input, compressor, EQ or effects
  • Front panel tuner output jack
  • Footswitch jack for optimal dual footswitch to control Shape and Overdrive
  • Footswitch jack for mute
  • Three rackspace chassis with milled aluminum faceplate and oversize handles

For more info, visit Hartke’s website.

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