Fodera Announces Mike Pope Signature Viceroy Bass

Fodera Mike Pope Signature Viceroy Bass - fretsIn addition to the new Yin Yang Standard Bass, Fodera was showing off their new Mike Pope Signature Viceroy at their NAMM booth. The 6-string bass has some very innovative features, including a removable fingerboard extension that’s held in by strong magnets. The extension allows for the bass to transition between 20 and 24-frets, which Pope explains makes a big difference in the resonance of the lower strings and allows for slapping in a more advantageous position. A muting system is included to kill the preamp’s output while you put it on or remove it.

Another unique feature is the addition of an adjustable bridge pickup. The bass includes Fodera/Seymour Duncan Dual Coil Pickups in a J-style set up, but the bridge pickup is movable by an inch in 1/8” increments to change its tonal character, ranging in the decades of J-bass sounds. Pope’s own preamp is included to round out the electronics.

Fodera Mike Pope Signature Viceroy Bass

The Fodera Mike Pope Viceroy bass consists of a Honduran Mahogany body, Pommele Sapele Top, 3-piece Hard Rock Maple neck, and Ebony fingerboard. The bass retails for $12,650.00. For more info on the bass and, visit Fodera’s Website.

Fodera Mike Pope Signature Viceroy Bass Specs:

  • Honduran Mahogany Body
  • Pommele Sapele Top
  • 3-Piece Hard Maple Neck
  • Ebony Fingerboard
  • Bolt-On Construction
  • 34” Scale, 24 Frets
  • 6-String with 17.5mm Bridge String Spacing
  • Removable Diamondwood 4-fret Fingerboard Extension
  • One-touch mute system for silent, on-the-fly FB Extension removal
  • Fodera / Seymour Duncan Dual Coil Pickups
  • Adjustable Bridge Pickup for on-the-fly, 1/8” increment pup position adjustments
  • 2010 Fodera / Pope Preamp

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  1. When the extra frets are removed will the magnets affect the vibration of the strings? The reasoning for the removable fretboard is ridiculous, but the moveable bridge pickup is a cool idea. Fodera getting some influence from Alembic maybe…

    • “When the extra frets are removed will the magnets affect the vibration of the strings? The reasoning for the removable fretboard is ridiculous.”

      There seems to be no effect from the magnets that hold the fingerboard in place. It might seem ridiculous on the surface. But if you knew me, you’d know there’s nothing I ever do, musically or otherwise, that is ridiculous. The sound doesn’t lie. It makes a big difference in the slap sound. Huge, in fact.

  2. great design/idea. of course it will make a huge difference in tone just as moving your fingers 1/4 inch either ways does when picking a note and especially in that area of the bass as the fundamental’s lower harmonics will be effected dramatically… ie way more deep. nice job.
    peace out

  3. Silvio

    Great bass mr. Pope. Very innovative concept :)

  4. Jacob

    I particularly love the head stock design esp that of the B- string… Its a very nice innovation on that floppy string

    • jazzin4bass

      I have 2 fodera one with a low B ext and one without and in my opinion they’re both equal in tension and sound.