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Tower of Power Releases 40th Anniversary CD/DVD Set

Tower of Power: 40th AnniversaryTower of Power, the powerhouse funk and soul band anchored by bassist and original member Rocco Prestia is releasing their long-anticipated 40th Anniversary concert footage. The two disc (CD and DVD) release features the band performing live at the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco, recorded in October, 2008.

The DVD includes bonus footage, including the “East Bay Tour”, with original members Prestia, Emilio Castillo, Doc Kupka and David Garibaldi touring the band’s old stomping grounds and their are several interviews with current and former band members. A comprehensive booklet with details for each track is also part of the package.

Tower of Power first formed in 1968, with Prestia, Emilio Castillo, Doc Kupka, David Garibaldi, Mic Gillette, Greg Adams, Skip Mesquite, Chester Thompson, Lenny Pickett and Bruce Conte.

A long list of past and present band members made their appearance for 40th Anniversary, including Emilio Castillo, Doc Kupka, Rocco Prestia, David Garibaldi, Larry Braggs, Roger Smith, Tom Politzer, Adolfo Acosta, Mike Bogart and Mark Harper are all featured. TOP alumni members performing on the release include Jeff Tamelier, Ron E. Beck, Russ McKinnon, Herman Matthews, Greg Adams, Bill Churchville, Chester Thompson, Skip Mesquite, Ellis Hall, Nick Milo, Bobby Sparks, Richard Elliot, Carmen Grillo, Mick Mestek, Michael Jeffries, Brandon Fields, Norbert Stachel, Mark Russo, Dave Matthews, Vito San Filippo, Lenny Pickett, Bruce Conte and featured guest Sam Moore.

Preview and download 40th Anniversary:

Tower of Power 40th Anniversary Track List:

  1. We Came To Play
  2. Soul With a Capital “S”
  3. Can’t Stand To See the Slaughter
  4. Down To the Nightclub
  5. It’s Not the Crime
  6. You Got To Funkifize
  7. As Surely As I Stand Here
  8. I Got to Groove
  9. This Time It’s Real
  10. Souled Out
  11. Time Will Tell
  12. Only So Much Oil In the Ground
  13. Credit
  14. A Little Knowledge (Is a Dangerous Thing)
  15. What Is Hip?
  16. You’re Still a Young Man
  17. Knock Yourself Out

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