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Carl Martin Releases Classic Optical Envelope Pedal

Carl Martin Classic Optical Envelope PedalCarl Martin has released a new stompbox to their lineup, the Classic Optical Envelope. The effects company explains it is “essentially a classic envelope filter (auto-wah)” for bass or guitar with some extra tweak-ability.

The pedal includes two foot switches, the first being for activating the effects, and the second for switching between modes. The pedal operates in three modes High Pass, Band Pass, and Low Pass. For further tonal sculpting, they included a Q control for adjusting the bandwidth and a Tone knob that works as a separate Hi-pass filter.

A Drive knob controls how much the auto-wah works, while the Level knob regulates the overall volume output.

The Carl Martin Classic Optical Envelope pedal is features a diecast housing and can run on either a 9v battery or a regulated power supply. It is available now for $193.00 plus shipping. Fore more details, visit the Carl Martin website.

Carl Martin Classic Optical Envelope Pedal Specs:

  • Classic Auto-Wah with Opto-Technology
  • Three Operation Modes: High Pass, Band Pass, Low Pass
  • Drive, Q, Tone, and Level Controls
  • Diecast Housing
  • 9v Battery or Regulated Power Supply

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