Teen Town: BassGirl’s Jaco Pastorius Bass Cover

BassGirl is back!

After wowing everyone with her transcription and performance of Tal Wilkenfeld’s lines on Jeff Beck’s “Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers“, BassGirl has taken on the monster of a tune, Jaco Pastorius’s “Teen Town”.

“My humble tribute to one of the most amazing bass players ever,” the bassist said, as well as announcing she’s just turned 14.

Watch out world.

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  1. Art

    She waits for the tune to start so calmly and then just rips into the tune. Made me smile. Go bassgirl!

  2. Alfred Smith

    Great job on a song with lots of tricky timing. Cute smile, too. Nice job, kiddo. We’ll be watching.

  3. Killer! Great job!

  4. Michael

    That was wicked and totally cool….keep on keepin’ on….check out Mike Watt Bass lines when he was with The Minutemen and firehose…you might dig it

  5. Cliff H

    Definitely looks like you’re having a fun time playing it. I’m working on this one myself to build up my nimbleness again after a long absence of playing. You’ve done a great job!!

  6. Mikee

    So rad.

  7. Duke Robillard

    Bass Girl Rocks!

  8. Señor H

    Bassgirl is not just a budding virtuoso on her instrument but a bopping eye-catching performer. I caught her live last night sitting in with four fifty-something pros and she DROVE the band. She even insisted on singing their songs. Imaging what she’ll do when she gets to high school!

  9. Steve Frary

    Amazing !!! A true talent !!! “Rock it Forward”

  10. Cempa

    14 years old? Wow! If I were in my teens now I would probably be in love with this girl. Really great playing. Truly talented girl!

  11. Michael

    ohmygod im in love

  12. She is amazing at covering the greats..Cant wait till she goes for the original grooves.